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Techniques to Open and Pleasure Your Woman

Men who can appreciate the essence and the power of shakti - divine feminine essence- are the best lovers in the world. The time to heal the feminine is now. Healing women heals the planet.

Sacred spot massage is a powerful ritual in which women experience the movement of divine feminine energy throughout their being in a pleasurable, ecstatic way. Get the most information from the best source- a sexually articulate, energetically knowledgeable woman herself. 

Want to make your woman feel like a goddess in the bedroom? Want to learn how to guide her into the deepest ecstatic sexual surrender she's ever experienced? In this course teeni teaches men who wish to serve the Goddess.

In this course Teeni teaches men who wish to serve the Goddess:

  • Basic energetic principles

  • How to ground in your own energy in the face of the feminine:
    understanding female sexual energy and maximizing her pleasure

  • How to communicate with female partners and improve your overall relationship

  • The secrets of how women think and feel about sex and relationship

  • How to prepare a temple space to heal and pleasure your beloved

  • What to say and what to do to make a woman feel like a goddess

  • How to consciously use touch to love, heal and arouse, and be the best lover she's ever had

Also learn specific techniques to:

  • Move loving energy through her

  • Elicit full-body pleasure for a woman- vaginal/multiple orgasms/female ejaculate

  • Clear her abuse issues

  • Heal her psychological, emotional, and physical wounds

  • Promote physical, emotional and spiritual opening

  • Recirculate your own masculine energy through ejaculatory control practices

  • The tantric techniques of loving and giving pleasure, without agenda or attachment to outcome

About The Course

The men's Serving the Goddess class series is primarily in lecture format. We go through the basic concepts and experiential practices in tantra- breath, pc muscle, and conscious energy flow. Clear and detailed instructions, simple demonstrations of connection practices, and handouts are included. In the third class of the series we watch a DVD of couples practicing sacred spot massage. No actual massage is performed in the classes.

Men in the class are not required to interact with each other through sharing personal information or any energetic practices. What you will learn is for you to take home to your woman. Your masculinity will be honored and respected- whether you are the sort who likes to share or silently absorb, you are welcome to attend.

Hey there!

My name is teenidakini. Thanks for checking out my page! To learn more about me and my teachings, check out my bio here.

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