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Re-Membering The Orphaned Heart:

Breaking The Cycle of Self-Abandonment


Break the cycle of disappointment in life and relationships with this class for all humans. Taught in three modules.

The next offering of Re-Membering The Orphaned Heart Workshop:



Saturdays JUNE 6th, 13th & 20th  6pm-9:15pm EST




You may be interested in this class if:

  • you regularly find yourself attracted to, and abandoned by, unavailable people

  • you feel deeply hurt by rejection of any sort, and devastated by rejection in relationship

  • you often worry your partner(s) will leave you

  • you often compromise yourself and take on tasks to the point of overwhelm

  • you sacrifice your own comfort for the comfort of others

  • you adjust your personality in order to belong or receive love

  • the love you give far outweighs the love you receive

  • you settle for less than what you truly want because you fear it is the best you'll get

  • you have difficulty identifying exactly what your needs are and what you deserve

The original experience of being abandoned persists in self-abandonment. In this class you will learn how to break this cycle and change your life.

Physical, mental, and energetic skills to change the way you think about yourself, alter your energy body and shift your vibration to create a better relationship to yourself and others.

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