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Energy Awareness 

Extended Energy Awareness Training 


The training will be in 10 month blocks. I recommend a minimum of 20 months of training to increase capacity, awareness and understanding of the basic energy material.

This class uses an energetic matrix. Because this ceremonial field is infused with intention, personal life changes will happen. As the instructor, I will create and continually engage with a ceremonial matrix with all members of the training. Although you will attend class once a month, the matrix is maintained throughout the entire 10-20 months of the training, depending on the time period you have committed to.

This training will engage:
-Energy skill sets to help access and manage your energy
-Identifying default energetic Character Structures (Patterns)- reactive behavior rather than responsive behavior- identifying your own pattern, learning to identify patterns in others, learning how all patterns process and utilize energy, how to best manage your own pattern, how to relate to other patterns, etc
-Building skill sets of attention, intention, and alignment
-Creating clean and supportive energetic containers in which to teach, alchemize a space and/or hold an intention
-Self care and how to best support others when you choose 

- over 18 years group and individual teaching experience
- personal emotional release work with Core Energetics and intense spiritual processes since 1990
- 2 years Process Training with Carol Jud (student of John Pierrakos of Core Energetics Institute) at Knollwood Institute
- various tantric classes, workshops and trainings with Laurie Handlers, Daniel Odier, Muirs and others since 1990 -Advanced Certified Tantric Educator
- certified yoga instructor Aquarian Dance (Kripalu heart-style yoga)
- student of Lynda Caesara, Master Energy Teacher, since 2007
- numerous Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society study groups and workshops


PREREQUISITE: This training should not be your introduction to personal growth. The nature of this course creates personal change, and you will need to have an understanding of Self and willingness to engage process work. Due to the group design there is limited individual attention, you may also find it helpful to have your own personal health counselor/therapist etc to support you in managing these changes.


If you choose to continue after 10 months, we will continue to focus on refining and strengthening the use of these skill sets, as well as working on bridging the light side of patterns, and breaking old patterning behavior.

If you are interested, please contact me at

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