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with teenidakini

Contact me for a private session 

Private sessions can include:​

  • Energy reading/Assisting with Emotional and Energy Awareness

  • Emotional Release

  • Communication & Masculine/Feminine Relating

  • Sacred Sexuality/Tantric Breathing and Energy Circulating techniques (all sessions clothes on/hands off) 

  • Energy Balancing. I do not provide massage.

How does one work with energy? 

There aren’t so many “rules” in regard to working with energy, but there are some general concepts that tend to hold true. One is, “energy follows consciousness”, meaning that wherever our thoughts gravitate, our own personal energy will go there too. Also, the way our thoughts are aligned and crafted affect what we “do” and create with our energy bodies. This means we are constantly creating our own realities even when we are not conscious of it.


What happens in a private session?

When someone comes for a private session they will often arrive with a problem they have been unable to solve. It may be a problem in relationship, work-related, spiritual, mental, physical, emotional or sexual. It is often necessary within the realm of human experience to seek help from others- why? Because, in the words of Albert Einstein, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” We can extend that rule to a person’s energy system. If we are lacking a particular skill set, it makes no difference how easy or common sense the solution may seem to another individual. Therefore, very often a problem cannot be solved within the same energetic system that created it.

No matter how simple or complex the dilemma seems, I know that if the client was able to solve this problem on their own, they would have done it already. Therefore they are welcomed into a space free of judgment and agenda, where my only intention is to listen deeply- with my whole energy system, not just my human sense of hearing- and connect them to more resources that they currently have access to. 

This may include teaching a set of skills that are appropriate to the situation- such as a method of tantric breathing, a physical practice or energetic practice. It may require bringing a client’s attention to something they have failed to reference in their reality and orienting them to physical, spiritual and energetic resources they were previously not aware of. It may require honoring the wisdom of the body and following breath in an organic way that reveals where emotional and energetic blocks lay in the body, and following through with movement and sound to release those blocks. My sessions are organic in nature meaning that they are tailored to each individual in the moment, and together we are navigating the unknown in a conscious and loving way.


I am able to work with people in person or via video chat (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom). 

Hey there!

My name is teenidakini. Thanks for checking out my page! To learn more about me and my teachings, check out my bio here.

Or you can view my latest events here

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