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Energy Essentials 

5-Class Series on ZOOM

The inspiration for this course was the realization that many individuals who are drawn to the healing arts learn the advanced skills of leadership and energy work before they have actually attained the basic skills of grounding, clearing, connection to Self and energy management. These are the skills to be gained in this course.

Classes are ideal for anyone who:

  • Wants healthy relationships in love, family and work

  • Desires good boundaries and/or sense of Self

  • Practices as a teacher, healer, group leader, daka/dakini, bodyworker

  • Works with the body's energy or ritual in any capacity

  • Wants to more fully experience pleasure in their bodies on a deeper level and run a higher quality of energy

You will find yourself better able to relate to others in love, family and career. You will find you are more clear about what you need for yourself, and will have a better ability to self-soothe in emotionally challenging situations. And if you are a teacher or healer, you will find yourself less likely to be depleted, able to hold space for those you work with, and able to more clearly access your inner wisdom.

There are 5 basic classes in this course, it is recommended that you take them in order. The last two modules, Core & Fibers, do require that you complete the previous 3 modules. 

Each class teaches a short technique that is meant to be integrated into your daily practice. 

Ground low.jpg


Module 1

Recognize the importance of being connected to earth energy and fully anchored in the physical body.


Learn how to fill from within, rather than being dependent on others to fill you. Find out how to control one of our most intuitively sensitive chakras.

MeNotMe low.jpg

Me/Not Me 

Module 2

An important skill determining which energy and emotions belong to you, which belong to other people.


Gain new clarity and relief. Perfect for empathic, sensitive people and those that work with others in an emotional or healing context.

Edge low.jpg


Module 3

Establish and fill your personal space, respect the space of others and refine your "energy manners."


Learn skills to aid with clarity and definition of self, and how to consciously take in the good stuff and keep out what doesn't serve you.

Core low.jpg


Module 4

Core is the true knowing of yourself.


Viscerally it is the sensate awareness of your spine and the center of your being.  When you have this awareness, it is possible to find alignment with the Universe and your true self. Learn how to be "in your core" and anchor it in your body.

Prerequisite: Attendees must take Ground, Me/Not Me, and Edge modules before attending Core. No exceptions.

Classes currently offered on Zoom. 

Fibers low.jpg


Module 5

Fibers are our "energy hands" that we use constantly.


Increase your consciousness around how they work and how we can use them to refine our presence and energy skills.

Prerequisite: Attendees must take Ground, Me/Not Me, Edge and Core modules before attending Fibers. No exceptions.

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